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Bonus Episode 1: First Attempt at Crossing into the OWbN LARP


Due to a sound issue we have built a little story around this review of One World by Night!  This is a first time character and what most would call a Table Top GM walking into the Unknown and coming out alive and smarter for it.  Good luck breaking the protection spell on this one.  They really had their wards up this time.



Follow the Journey of Malkavian waking from a long nap to find the world a bit different then he expected. We start off with my oral character creation and then join Akira for the drive over.  He gives me some good input into the game.  He speaks of Keith Baker mixing Eberon and Mixing Dread character sheets.  You should also check out Advanced-Dimensional-Green-NinjaEducational-Preparatory-SuperElementary-Fortress-555 


The Malkavian character is approved and quickly finds himself talking with a bunch of Malks and something old. 



This is the end of our tale for now. Tune in tomorrow for the next Bonus Ep.



I would like to thank:  Midnight Express Podcast, for getting me into Podcasting, Rick Hienz for joining me for an Interview on our Next official EP, Midwinter Convention for getting me back into LARPing, Onyx Path for rocking the new books, Second Act for letting me ST for LARP and One World By Night for running this game. Check out their Facebook Group



Special thanks to the Akira and Mike who helped me out a ton and really got me a fun character to RP.



I would also like to thank all of our listeners.  Not sure how you are breaking the wards but welcome and join us for more attempts to cross darkness on future eps and spread the word. Please leave any comments even the Trolls would be a welcome sight and give me something test me at the very least.  You can also join our Facebook Group and Follow us on the Madison Under Siege Facebook page



Beware this has hard words and is to be considred all OOC.  I am not here to ruine games.  4 out of 5 Stars OWbN is great!



Thank you all for stopping by! 

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