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BONUS EPISODE 3: What do players think when you cross Tabletop with LARP?


Join us for another bonus episode.  Today we look back at a game played at Gen Con 50 were the GMs mixed LARP and Tabletop and tried to create something that would bridge the gap between the two play styles. They also mixed 4 different gamelines from oWoD, Hunter, Mage, Vampire and Werewolf   This is the wrap up for the night and gives you a little insight into what players thought of a Mix of syle and games that are tested to the limit.


Here is the game description for the Mage Game:


The creation of a Pact between Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters of Madison has recently been formed and it hasn’t been a smooth ride. An official meeting of the Gahara Pact has been set to vote on a charter for this fragile alliance. Will the Nephandi be able to take advantage of the infighting and destroy the alliance before it had time to really form? This is a game that focuses on role playing and politics. We have created custom rules using the D10 system to help enrich your political actions. Four Gen Con events will be running concurrently in the same room. Actions at one table will impact circumstances at another.


Here is a basic breakdown of the game setup:


Hour 1:

Gamer gathering



All characters meet with each other and soft LARP in this time before Hour 2.  This is prep time to get everyone ready.  This normally wraps up quicker then 1 hour but we say an hour just to be safe.


Hours 2-3:

Combat Time

Players should be walking in with a plan writen into their charactersheet so at the table have everyone will present a plan of what they want to do for this upcoming combat.  This should be a large scale epic assault type stuff. Each player will be given a plan going into the assault meeting but it's up to the player to convey any of the greater details of their combat plan.  Some might opt to not tell anyone what they are planning. 


Give players 30 min to plan, give them a hard deadline.


Plan on 3 rounds of combat giving players 2 min per turn to explain their action.  These should be epic actions that can take up to 10 min in character.  





Hour 4: Half hour downtime for people to get ready for the faction meeting


Let players relax and do some soft RP. This is where we hand out Tokens of influence to be traded and bartered for the upcoming votes.  Players should be aware of what different things there character wants to vote for and what things they are on the fence about.





Hour 4.5 - 5: Faction Meeting


(Example of the Mage Vote)


Who will be Rep:  The Representative of a supernatural faction to Gahara will act as Diplomat and Judge on matters that relate to the other factions in the Gahara Pact.  They will also be the Face of that group. Although anyone can become the Representative, currently the people with support are Lea, Lacy and Glory.



Who will be Leader: The Leader of the Council is responsible for setting up meetings for the Mages of Madison, breaking any tie votes, and the representative to the Gahara Pact for the Mages will report directly to the Council Leader.  Currently the leader is voted into office once a year and can hold the position for as long as they continue to get voted in.


What paradigm does Madison Embrace:  Madison has a very open paradigm locally.  If there was a scale of 1 to 5 of how accepting it is of magic, the world would have 3 in tech, and 1 in Magic maybe a bit higher depending on the place, Faith may have an edge and be around 2 or maybe even 3 in some places.  Madison is around 2.5 for Faith and Magic, while it has about 3.5 for a bit of Superscience. This is a major over simplification and the philosophical debate of reality isn't so simple.


To move away from a mechanic like system it's more about; do you support the Free Wifi of Madison and the Digital Web Sector that supports a very unique setup in Madison or do you wish to free people for the blinders of technology.  This vote cannot switch the reality on a dime but is more about what do the resources of Madison go into. Getting or giving support is more about who is pushing what. Make sure to reach out to other supernaturals for tokens to support these causes.


Hour 6: Downtime

Players are free to take a break and soft RP.


Hour 7-8 :

Gahara Pact Summit


Gahara Pact Meeting big vote, Each rep will present the proposed changes and each character will vote using tokens


Gahara Vote:


Border Policy:

Open: Voting for this Policy would bring down the magical Barrier and allow for any supernatural to come and go as they please based on the policies and rules of that faction.  There would be no magic keeping people in or out. This is not a fully open border and the nuances of how open the border would still be is up for debate but would signify the lowering of the magical barrier.

Closed: This calls for a magical solution to keep out unauthorized supernaturals.   All factions would contribute to the magic of the barrier and access would be granted only with a 3 to 1 vote by Reps.  How the barrier effects supernaturals is still up for debate but this would signify keeping up the magical barrier.

Republic Vs Democracy:


Republic: Backing the Republic form of government would create a hierarchy system of government with a chain of command and a system of compartmentalized information that would reside in Representatives and the like.  This would establish a formal form of government for the Gahara Pact and go beyond the basic system of diplomatic communication. These Representatives and newly created positions within the Fahara Pact would be able to pass new laws and make changes to the Gahara Pact.


Democracy: A Democratic form of government would be more of a of a system of freedom of information for all members of the Pact not just the Representatives and would allow all individuals a direct voice in the matters of the Gahara Pact.  Other than a basic system for meeting, communicating, and a loose set of agreed upon laws plus the system to enforce said laws, the Gahara Pact would have less direct influence over supernaturals and would also be more open and transparent to all individual members.  


In matters of changes to law or the Pact itself each Faction would get 1 vote that is decided on by a system decided by that faction.  What comes up for vote can be presented by anyone needing 3 out of the 4 factions to agree.


Last 30 Min: shoutouts and wrap up.




I would like to give a shout out to Gen ConWhite WolfDriveThruRPG and Onyx Path. I would also like to thank our players and listeners, you make this worth doing!


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