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Crossing Darkness Episode 2: Midwinter Remembered


Join Josh and Mike as they take you down memory lane and explore their journey of Midwinter.  They jump right into their experience finding and signing up for Midwinter. They then go over the different events they attended at the convention starting Thrusday and give you a day by day break down.


They start off on Thursday with Midwinter's Gaming Industry and how cool it was to meet people who are working in the Gaming Industry.  They then talk about the Q&A with Onyx Path and how awesome it was to attend a round table with the CEO and some of the developers.


That wrapped up Thursday and on to Friday they talk about their meeting with Rick Heinz and the Panel they attended called Storytellers Guide to Not Sucking. They then made their way to the Exhibition Hall and give a small review on a geme they tested out called CAPERS created by Craig Campbell.  The end of their Friday night was wrapped up with a game of Werewolf: The Apocalypse LARP run by Second Act. They spend a good amount of time giving a review of the game from a Tabletoppers point of view and joining a LARP at a Convention.


Saturday and Sunday Mike and Josh spent time playing the Dread game and then wrapped up the Convention with the Wrecking Crew events, playing Changeling the Dreaming on Saturday night and Trinity on Sunday night.


Special Shout out to Midnight Express Podcast, Rick Hienz, Midwinter Convention, Craig Campbell, Onyx Path, Second Act, and the Wrecking Crew and everyone we played with over the Convention.


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Next week we have a few interviews and look forward to talking more about the World of Darkness created by White Wolf and how to cross the Meta of all the game lines and how to cross the streams of different games, like adding the Dread system into your World of Darkness game.


- Hosts: Mike and Josh

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