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Join Josh for an interview with Rick Heinz starting off with a leading question of ”What have you done in the Gaming World?”.  Rick explains he is the developer of the game setting 7th Age and has written a book for his setting, you can also get his book on  He also writes the GM tips articles for Geek and Sundry.


They then get into what their favorite games are to run.  Shadowrun was number one on the list due to how easy the setup for players is and how you can run a fun oneshot when needed.  Eclipse Phase is also one of Rick's favorite systems as it has drastically changed his GMing style. Interestingly Rick currently is running a 5th Ed D&D game set in his 7th Age setting, even though, like Josh, he had in the past sworn off the D&D.  Wraith is also talked about and seemed to be a passion for both Josh and Rick.


Rick then turns the tables on Josh and asks him how he has been liking the org LARPs he is attending. Leading them into a conversation about how LARPs can improve their new player experience. The basics being to put a spotlight on your new players, giving them a dedicated ST and make their actions felt.  Rick and Josh both run their own creation that merged Tabletop and LARP. Madison Under Siege and 7th Age,  although different in many aspects, would seem to have been built from the same creative vein.


Josh and Rick then talk about some tips for players.  Josh feels that players should try and leave fear at the door and jump right into the fun.  Rick suggests that players have conviction in what they do and make sure you have fun with what you are doing.  Sidenote for all, as GMs need to read their players, players need to also read their GMs. Make sure everyone is having fun and believe it or not you will have fun.


They then dream of the things they would love to do, if they could do anything in the world of gaming!


The Ep wraps up by giving a few tips for writers and podcasters on how to get off the ground.


Special Shout out to Midnight Express Podcast, Rick Heinz, Midwinter Convention, Onyx Path, Second Act, and White Wolf creator of the World of Darkness


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- Host: Josh

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